How to Find Answers for Educational Pursuits

What Educational Requirements Are Needed for Pastoral Ministry?

It depends. If you are younger and have an undergraduate degree, we encourage you to pursue a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree from a highly accredited seminary. We have been working with Evangelical Seminary to provide reasonable educational options for those seeking degrees. If you have a different Masters degree, we canĀ help you receive a supplemental certificate for an M.Div. equivalency with us. If you are older and are seeking training, we provide courses through the Institute for Church Leadership (ICL).

Find Out More About Outcome-Based Education

The Wesleyan-Arminian Heritage of the EC Church

The Evangelical Congregational Church holds and practices a doctrinal heritage that is rooted in Wesleyan-Arminian theological teachings. These theological perspectives have guided us and others to be a warm expression of orthodox Christian belief for centuries. As a result, the EC Church advances the gospel missionally and holds certain postures in regard to community and the world that naturally flow from these stated beliefs.

How to Support Our Students in Ministry

Every year in September the Evangelical Congregational Church provides bulletin inserts to remind our congregations to pray for and support our students through the annual Student Aid offering. If you are interested in supporting our students financially, please click on the link below to donate to the student aid offering at any time of the year